Sell your Photos!

You love taking photos as much as I do? Here’s an opportunity to make money with them.

When I think back to my first smartphone, the feelings come up again. I was so proud and used the camera a lot. I took pictures of my friends, my home, landscapes and travel destinations and shared the photos with everyone I cared about.

But when I look at those pictures now, I notice a huge difference.

The pictures from old smartphone cameras just weren’t good quality. They were often pixelated or blurry and had pretty low resolution.

Back then, you needed very expensive cameras to take high-quality photos, or you had to make an appointment with a professional photographer right away.

A lot has happened since then. The quality of smartphone cameras has improved incredibly. At the same time, these images are everywhere and are needed everywhere.

The media thrive on pictures and videos. Professional publishers have an insatiable hunger for images they can use for their blogs, advertising or social media graphics.

Buying professional images can be very expensive for a company. Plus, studio quality isn’t always needed at all.

This is where you come in: If you have a lot of great photos on your smartphone, consider selling your non-personal photos. It’s an easy way to earn money on the side.

Try it here:

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  1. Thanks for the shout out on my blog “Microtonal-ly Yours”! I found Ralph’s work to be amazing and I’m glad someone else found the opportunity to hear about it. I agree with your blog above that images are everything. I spend way too much time searching out the perfect picture for my blogs and the pressure is on now to make the dimensions correct and add elements. I’d rather just write!!

  2. Awesome article for talented photographers to earn extra money, today with digital cameras and smartphones anyone can take an advantage of this opportunity.

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